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Thanks for all the pleasurable and enjoyable experiences you guys have provided.  Its times I turn the keys over to a more responsible and mature man, Mwguy52.  Thanks for everything guys you are the best! - Skype name - Knethrea
kakashiblue Kneth :"(
endercreeper543 Ill miss you kneth <3

A start of a series

[Owner] mwguy52 a posted Thu at 13:14
The Start of a series!


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Sneak Peak :3

[Owner] mwguy52 a posted Apr 16, 14
Heres a sneak peak of something awesome and new system coming soon!

Hello Community! Bet you like the sneak peak but it might not come without your help!Me and KnethreaJK Have been talking and i decided to make a poll on what we can do because with KnethreaJK's Bad rep we can not handle anymore ddos attacks,so here are the options...

Option A:

Kick KnethreaJK From the server to keep running
Option B:

Shutdown the server

Choose Wisely!

Aceisawesome Why doesent he just act like someone else like Oldmanpoops1234 said .-.
[Mod] xxpvpxx ya hard to choose the options.. I choose A sry kneth but he had made a few mistakes that cost a lot if our donators and ...
[Admin] Bysuffer its very hard to choose i cant choose any of the options :\

GunZ Update

[Owner] SeaBoiii a posted Apr 13, 14
Looks like it is long enough since I update on the progress on GunZ. I am just rearranging some plugins to make it work with the current version on Minecraft! So, be patient and GunZ always :)

Hello all of probow and today i would like to announce that we are launching the stand alone GTA server called The Minecraft City probow will still be used but for now it will be done for new servers and more so dont stop being active on here.To join the new server you can use the same ip or use the new one and please join the new website! Here you go the info of the new server:


P.S Me and the owners will be posting latest stuff at the new website and not here unless you want to see if GunZ has any news but yea go sign up over there for updates and more

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